Zeutschel OS 12002 Advanced Plus Scanner.

Canon ImageFormula DR-M160 IIE Scanner.

Portable Ecodoppler Color Edan U50. Linear and transcranial probes.

-Electroencephalography equipment to measure brain response, 32 channel EEG/ERP’s.

E-Prime 3.0 software used to design complex computer experiments, data compilation and analysis. 

 Computational linguistics laboratory (ROYCAN AUDIOSISTEMAS, S.A.)

Neurolexia Software.

-Samsung F90 FULL HD Videocamera.

Software Batvox Software.

-Text Corpus for research and development:

ELRA-M0001 Basic multilingual lexicon (MEMODATA)

-ELRA-L0042 PAROLE Spanish Lexicon


-ELRA-W0053 Catalan-Spanish Parallel Corpus

ELRA-S0149 Spanish Speech Corpus 1

-ELRA-M0015 EuroWordNet English Addition to English WordNet

ELRA-M0017 EuroWordNet Spanish

-Kinect Sensor.

Prometheus. Text and anatomy atlas.

-Rienal Test. (Instruments for the Neurolinguistic Assesment of Language Impairment).

Peabody Test. Picture Vocabulary Test.