Equipment and offered services


The following services are offered:

  • Linguistic analysis of interpretation and/or disambiguation.
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Authorship attribution.
  • Speaker identification.
  • Transcription of recordings.
  • Authentication of recordings.



  • Batvox. Voice biometrics software used in more than 35 countries to compare voices and verify a speaker’s identity regardless of text, channel or language.
  • Praat. Specific tool for the phonetic study of speech using spectrograms.
  • Adobe Audition. A set of tools for editing, mixing, burning, and restoring audio files.
  • Signature. Stylometric program designed by the University of Oxford focusing on the analysis of basic stylometric parameters and their visualization using graphs: word lengths, sentences and paragraphs, and letter and punctuation distributions.
  • Stylo. Stylometric classification and experimentation tool. Its script is written in the statistical programming language R, and uses its statistical classification methods.
  • UAM Corpustool. Tool that allows the annotation of textual corpus for any type of linguistic study.
  • Compilatio. It analyzes files and generates a report on the similarities detected on the Internet, in scientific journals and in its own database.


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