The Institute

The Institute


The University Institute for Research in Applied Linguistics at the University of Cádiz (ILA) is a research centre for training, transference, and language-related service provision. Researchers, experts, and collaborators work here with the purpose of attending social and academic needs related to speech and languages.






  • Research in the main fields of communication linguistics, clinical linguistics, forensic linguistics, and language technologies.
  • Training of researchers and quality experts in the aforementioned areas.
  • Organisation of training and improvement courses, workshops and seminars related to the correct, precise, and strategic use of language in different social and professional fields; the applications of linguistic knowledge in the clinical and forensic fields, and the knowledge of the main technological applications of linguistic knowledge.
  • Collaboration with companies and institutions through our various services.
  • Constitution of a national and international reference forum.






  • Linguistic consultancy.
  • Clinical linguistics.
  • Forensic linguistics.
  • Language technology and industries.