Approved Technical Service


The specific actions related to this office can be summarised in the following points:


  • The main aspect is the development of a Approved Technical Service for Linguistic Consulting, via a specific linguistic consultancy office for the use of not only the University community but also the rest of society. This service relates to communication in a variety of fields (executive, corporate, politic, technical/scientific, doctor-patient interaction or mass communication) and analyses it from different perspectives (social, pragmatical, psychological or anthropological), linguistic and intercultural mediation, communicative strategies, and types of communication.


  • Organisation of a variety of courses, workshops and especialised seminars in companies, technological centres and official institutions aimed at the education of linguistic proofreaders, and business communication.


  • External contracts and agreements strenghtening and extension, focusing on regional, national and international businesses interested in our linguistic consultancy services.


    These activities lead to publications such as style guides:



    Linguistic Consultancy Services

    Linguistic Consultancy Equipment


    Luis Escoriza Morera
    Bárbara Eizaga Rebollar