“Redes sociales para el fomento de la participación, el trabajo autónomo y la motivación de los alumnos de la asignatura “Lingüística”. 

Participating body: General Linguistics Area, Department of Philology, University of Cádiz.

Duration: 01/10/2015 – 30/09/2016.

Funding body: University of Cádiz.

Responsible professor: Marta Sánchez-Saus Laserna.


Social networks for the promotion of participation,

self-employment and motivation of undergraduate students

in Linguistics and Applied Languages at the University of Cadiz.



      The aim of this project has been to improve teacher-student communication and communication between students themselves, to promote autonomous work and to increase students’ motivation towards the contents of the subject of “Linguistics” through the creation of subject profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter.





Tools and resources for specialized training in the Clinical Linguistics Office of ILA

Teaching Innovation Project coordinated by Mª Jesús Paredes Duarte and Carmen Varo Varo in Equipa 2016 from the Vicerrectorados de Infraestructuras y Patrimonio y Recursos Docentes y de la Comunicación, with a funding of 3,542.43 euros for the acquisition of new equipment for methodological training for research in the field of clinical linguistics.