Annex I: Application for support for pre-competitive research projects and international research projects.


See Annex 1


Annex II: Application for financial management of grants for journals and monographs.


See Annex 2


Annex III: Application for research initiation grants for undergraduate and master’s students.


See Annex 3


Annex IV: Application to assist doctoral students who collaborate directly with the ILA.


See Annex 4


Anexo V: Expenses statement model.


See Annex 5


Annex VI: Secondment declaration form.


See Annex 6

Annex VII: Application for stays of national and foreign researchers at the ILA.


See Annex 7


Annex VIII: Request for assistance for the organisation of scientific and technical conferences, seminars and symposia.


See Annex 8


Annex IX: Attendance at national and international congresses, conferences, seminars and training courses.


See Annex 9


Annex X: Request for assistance for special actions.


See Annex 10


Annex XI: Application for the Institute of Applied Linguistics Prize


See Annex 11