High-resolution scanning service

Zeutschel OS 12002 Advanced Plus Zenithal Scanner.

The Zeutschel zenith scanner is housed within a new generation of A2 + format scanners with exceptional capture measures (635mm x 460mm). The OS 12002 Advanced Plus uses a linear capture sensor (linear CCD) with a resolution of up to 600 dpi in its maximum format, for superior image quality, brightness and contrast.

The scanning mode of the OS 12002 Advanced Plus can be color (24-bit) and grayscale scanning in different TIFF output formats such as uncompressed TIFF, TIFF G4, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF Multipage, PDF Multipage PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX.

The scanning speed from DIN A2 to 400 dpi is approx. 3.8 seconds and the scanning speed from DIN A2 to 600 dpi is approx. 9 seconds.

Respectful and gentle in the preservation of the works to digitize, it maintains an exclusive care in the preservation of documents and delicate works (old age).

High-quality scanning with state-of-the-art zenithal scanner of all types of documents: corporate, administrative, commercial, legal, medical or private, patrimonial, historical, cultural documentaries, public, museum, photographs, maps, plans, manuscripts….

White/Black and Color.

Different dimensions.

Preparation and elaboration of documentation.

Diversity of delivery formats: PDF, Tiff, JPEG…


Linguistic-logopedic service

We offer a comprehensive linguistic-logopedic assistance and advice service for the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of speech and language disorders.

Rehabilitation and treatment of voice, speech, and language disorders, through treatments for both children and adults.

Advice to companies on language disorders.

Collaboration with centres, associations, and other professionals to provide holistic rehabilitation of disorders.

Training seminars on the voice for members of the university community who make professional use of it. The seminars aim to provide techniques and recommendations for the prevention of future pathologies.


Linguistic consultancy service

Spelling check.

Style correction.

Rewriting of texts in Spanish.

Basic proofreading of English texts.

Proofreading of non-native English texts.

Proofreading of English texts.

Text scanning.

Linguistic Expertise.

Linguistic strategies applied to social communication.

Style Guides.