The main actions in this line of work are focused on:

1) phonetic, lexical, morphological, syntactic and stylistic investigations, linked to the identification of speakers by voice;

2) linguistic profiling;

3) plagiarism detection;

4) determination and attribution of authorship, and

5) expert reports.

In this regard, mention should be made to the close collaboration and participation of the Institute’s professors of linguistics, both in the previous Expert Degree in Criminology and in the current degree in “Criminology and Security” at the University of Cadiz, highly oriented towards forensic linguistics. Thus, from an inter-facultative point of view, one of the achievements of current linguistics refers to the development and expansion of its teaching to degrees from other faculties. Specially in Criminology Studies, the multidimensional nature of the language is present in a transversal subject “Techniques and linguistic strategies of expression, argumentation and negotiation” (12 credits) in the legal field, and “Forensic Linguistics Applied to Crime”.


Mario Crespo Miguel
María Dolores Muñoz Núñez