Since clinical linguistics is related to the research and treatment of linguistic pathologies, this line will have a specific interdisciplinary office (with the participation of linguists, neurologists, biologists and speech therapists) to develop different actions, whose main objectives are: 1) research into language acquisition and processing in its many facets, 2) the study of voice, speech and language disorders in children and adults, and 3) collaboration in the development of protocols for the evaluation and rehabilitation of these.

            This office specific actions are:

1) Linguistic-logopedic service for the study and treatment of speech pathologies (disorders of voice, speech, oral and written language).

2) Elaboration, for future research in this field, of a corpus of language disorders that can be accessed by the university community for study, characterization and classification.

3) Consolidation of research projects and cooperation agreements with hospitals and specialized centers as well as with other national and European universities.

4) Carrying out courses, conferences, workshops, and training seminars of an interdisciplinary nature, with the participation of professionals in Medicine, Speech Therapy, and Biology related to the aforementioned aspects.

5) Organization of prestigious conferences in this field, such as the 5th International Clinical Linguistics Conference to be held in Cádiz in 2018.

  As the specific section on “Trastornos motores y trastornos del lenguaje”, coordinated by professor Paredes Duarte at the IV Clinical Linguistics International Congress (Barcelona, 2015).  


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María Jesús Paredes Duarte
Antonio Ruiz Castellanos